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Today fucking lesson- No one ever told me the rules, but ive learned one thing and its been a big lesson. ive learned not to be afraid to ask for help. U dont get anywhere unless u can ask for help.

Two months ago, i was completly different person.A girl that always searching for fun, frivolity and thirlls.A party girl who loved the nightlife and dressing up, and didnt think further ahead then her next dress.

i love clothes, always had.still does.
i had opinions about them,
definitive, and definitely urban.

its all about two months before,now..i was completly a different person too.A girl that always searching for his soul, his passion, and destiny.

ive already lost my self.

i did relise, my fun before its no too much fun at all, ive seen some new thrills already and that thing fucking me up until i get cried.

i also relise, this world is to big enough for me..to huge for myself to be alone..
a hate my job, always had.still does.

i didnt get any opinions about them.
just none.

ive sacrificed too much to give up now,
to see it fail...


i was blown away by the fucking response.
bye2 peeps....

My answer for my next best thing..

Mybe get married, having sex and have some kids..

Just mybe....

hei awk..
awk comel la...
mintak la number sy...
sy tunggu ni...


HEMY said...

hehehe...one thing that is very easy yet not being practiced especially malaysian that are soo..modest..is asking

power of asking is surely powerful.

♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...


hidup kamu sudah berbunga2 tu~


Zulfadli Zainal said...

maybe the thrill and fun just come when u getting married.haa.

typical.girl said...


wtf :))

أكرم حسني said...

different being, different doing, different having

typical.girl said...

im just trying to be me :)

syg, ur always be mine.

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